The site had previously been used for growing salad crops like tomatoes and peppers but was in poor condition with dilapidated Victorian glasshouses which were demolished to create space for the outside sales area.

Des, who is still with us, joined in time for the opening in 1983. The new venture soon established a reputation for quality plants at good prices.

Marilyn decides to retire with son-in-law Robert Mason joining the partnership after a career in journalism.

Howard retires but he still retains a keen interest in new developments.

Robert takes the decision to modernise and expand the business, and sets about building a purpose-built shop.

The new shop opens in January followed by the tearoom a few months later, run by Howard and Marilyn's daughter Samantha.

Sturmer Nurseries is a small, family-run independent Garden Centre and Tea Room established in 1983



Sturmer Nurseries is a family-run independent garden centre which can trace its origins back to the Sixties.

In 1969 Howard and Marilyn Clutten began trading as Horseheath Garden Supplies outside their house.

As the business grew they decided they needed bigger premises and they found the derelict site at Sturmer Nurseries in 1982.


Plants are at the centre of what we do – either grown here or sourced from trusted growers. We spend a lot of time visiting suppliers and selecting quality seasonal plants and perennials suitable for local conditions. Because we're independent our range is varied and interesting – a refreshing change, we believe, from the chain groups and supermarkets.

If possible we like to deal with local suppliers, so hopefully you'll always find something different when you visit.

As we've been in business for forty years with several long-serving members of staff, we can guarantee a high level of expertise and advice.

Sturmer Nurseries is a member of the Horticultural Trades Association.

horticultural trades association member

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